If you write code to SQL Server then you might be interested in this: I have written a tSQLt tdd training course which has helped over 500 people learn both tSQLt and how to apply TDD practices to their SQL Server T-SQL development, you can join the course at https://courses.agilesql.club.

COOL Projects!


A re-envisioned IDE for SSIS packages, jump here

SSDT Dev Pack

A few helpers to make using SSDT slightly better, the killer feature for me is quickly deploying the proc or view you are looking at to a database - this means you can write code, quick deploy it and run your tests - red, green, refactor for T-SQL! jump to it


Code coverage reporting for T-SQL, ideally you would use it with tSQLt but works with anything, grab it from: here and remember code coverage tells you where you need more tests, it isn’t a weapon to beat yourself or your employees with.