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DacFX Links

I thought it would be a good idea to gather together a list of links for DacFx, blogs code or articles - if you have anything that you think should be included in this list please send it and I will include it.

The first thing to read is the “DacFx Public Model Tutorial” this by Kevin Cunnane from the Microsoft SSDT team and is highly recommended:


Then there are the DacFx samples on codeplex:


To help experiment with the API then using Linqpad is pretty cool:


My DacFx links:

Dacpac Explorer - This is a demo to show how to use the querying functionality to follow references and relationships to get to different objects:


Sample on Github:


CountLinesOfTSqlCode - Also uses the TSql Script Dom API to get lines of code in a dacpac
DumpIndexProperties - Dump out an indexes properties
ShowTableColumns - Show columns in (on?) a table