About Ed Elliott


My name is Ed Elliott, I live in Sussex, England with my family. I work in and around data and when people ask me what I do for a living I say “I move data around so people can look at it”. In more depth, I work between the world of data engineering and devops so you'll see over the course of this blog (since 2014) I started writing more about databasey, devopsey type topics (DacFX FTW) and now I am tending to write more about data engineeringey types of things.

Things that I think I am pretty good at are:

  • Writing code, my main language is C# but I regularly use other languagse such as Python, Scala, Java, and in the past have regularly used C, C++, VB, JavaScript, TypeScript. C#┬áis the only language I have consistently used for over a decade but am happy to code in any of those other languages, I just maybe a bit slower to get started.

  • Testing. I am one of the people who like writing tests, I find it fascinating to be able to write a test to break code - coding is easym, breaking code is the realy challenge :)

  • Design. My main goal when designing a solution is simplicity - wherever possible go for the most simple thing and if that doesn't work or you need more then think about introducing complexity.

  • Debugging. I started my career working in PSS at Microsoft and spent many hours with WinDBG (actually cdb, windbg is for wimps), Netmon, Perfmon, and all the other mons. Root cause analysis and really being able to understand, explain and where wanted, fix complex issues is my bread and butter.

Anyway, enough about me and onto the fun: https://the.agilesql.club