Free Professional Advice on Setting up Continuous Integration for Sql Server Databases

Calling all London/Sussex Sql Developers does this sound like you?

  • Would you like to set up Continuous Integration or Continuous Deployment
  • Do you want to get your databases under source control
  • Have a high code coverage of your app but zero tests for your database code?

Maybe you have thought how good it would be but you are a little lost at the options available, do you use SSDT and SqlPackage to deploy or SSMS with the Redgate source control addin, how do you deploy your code to different environments safely?

Perhaps you have started to implement a CI process but got stuck or the build fails so regularly it is useless and actual issues get missed?

Are you based in London or the South East and want some free help to get on track getting a professional Sql development process set up?

I am really pleased to be able to offer help, whether it be a call to chat through your issues, a discussion over twitter or maybe a couple of hours or a half day in your office to go through what it is you are trying to do in more detail feel free to contact me either on twitter (@EdDebug) or email me and I will be glad to arrange something.

Free Help setting up CI, Unit Testing, Deployments etc for Sql Server databases

Why am I doing this?

Well a couple of reasons, first of all I really enjoy this stuff and really want to help promote better development practices within the Sql Server developer community. I feel really passionately that common things in app dev environments like source control, tdd and ci should be used, in T-Sql development much more widely than they currently are today, however there is a general lack of understanding and professional help on how to do that. Secondly I really want to find out what different use cases there are and what types of issues people are having so I can help publish guidance and possibly write open source software to help. I am always looking for tools to write, mainly because I enjoy it but also because they are useful and help me professionally.

The small print

There really isn’t any, I promise I won’t try to sell you anything, I only offer impartial advice and request nothing other than a respect that even though my time is free it is still valuable so don’t waste it and don’t be lazy, you need to put in some effort!


Send me an email or give me a call +44 77 191 680 40.


Dmitrij Kultasev

March 20, 2015 - 15:11

Hi Ed. I wanted to write you

Hi Ed. I wanted to write you an email but I thought that it might help somebody else. I’ve used your contribution DLLs while publishing and they are working well. However it seems that with the new version of SSDT and DACFx I do not need them anymore. The problem is that I can not get it working properly. I’ve created publish config and marked/unmarked all needed checkboxes there. When I am publishing from SSDT it is working well. Then I tried to make it automatic and I created build on TFS server. I installed DACFx framework on the same machine as we have controller and agent installed (did not install the SSDT as we do not have studio there). I defined MSBuild Arguments as: /t:build;publish /p:SqlPublishProfilePath=“PublishConfigs\TimesheetDB_dev.publish.xml” /m:1. It is the same config as I am using when publishing the project manually. And when I am publishing, it is still dropping the users … Am I doing something worng or do I need to do something else?

Ed Elliott

March 22, 2015 - 22:59

Hey Dmitrij,

Hey Dmitrij,

Do you mean that the one I wrote doesn’t work or the new SSDT version with the options for that doesn’t work?

If it is the new SSDT options that don’t work then post in the SSDT forum and someone will help: