MergUi 0.1.9

What is MergeUi?

A Visual Studio Addin to create and edit MERGE statements in SSDT projects.

What have you done?

I have released a new version of MergeUi, thanks to Luca Zavarella for prodding me into getting this release out and for pointing out some bugs!

This has a number of bug fixes and a new UI, the old one was pretty ugly, although this still isn’t 100% perfect but it should be more usable.

You can download the latest version from:


If you get any issues with it, have a look at the output window - any errors are written there, it is important to understand that it uses a combination of the dacpac and the post deployment script in your project so make sure your project has been built and the post deploy script is valid T-SQL (sqlcmd mode is ok).

Why are changes to the schema not reflected straight away

Changing or adding static or reference data should be an occasional thing, not something you are working on constantly. One of my pet hates about addins etc is that they take up cpu and consume memory even when they are not in use, so instead of always running and monitoring the project for changes I simply ask you to compile your project and click the “Populate” button to see any updates - it really is a better visual studio experience overall.

It doesn’t do X or is broken

Send me an email or comment here, if you can send me a dacpac reproducing the issue I will get it fixed asap and back to you - I am really committed to fixing issues so send them my way!



September 2, 2015 - 21:40

MergeUI and MS VS Ultimate 2013

Lots of issues with MergeUI. It seems like UI integration with VS2013 is the biggest issue.

* Sometimes, clicking the Update button locks up VS. Shutdown VS and Restart.

* Sometimes, clicking the Save button never finishes the save. Shutdown VS and Restart.

* Having trouble understanding how to generate MERGE statements in a streamlined way… Generating MERGE statements one-at-a-time is very tedious. Can’t get multiple MERGE statements to come out in the right order – alphabetic by table name only?

* Generating MERGE statement with MERGE statements already in the post-deployment scripts appears to lock up MergeUI. Shutdown VS and Restart.

* Is there any way to direct MergeUI to use a file (or files) other than the designated Post-Deployment script? E.g.,
+ A single, named script file where all MERGE statements are generated / maintained.
+ A named folder where each MERGE statement is placed in a separated file with the name matching the table name…
+ Automatically add/maintain ‘:r {MergeUIfilename}’ in post-deployment script
+ Any file generated should be included as part of the database project as a non-build script.

Ed Elliott

September 7, 2015 - 06:06



Thanks for your comment - if you get a crash with vs can you send me a demo dacpac that does it so I can take a look? Best to raise an issue on

I am working on a new version and will try to support importing multiple tables (it might not be in the next version but will at some point) as I agree importing lots of tables is a pain. I am also aiming to cache the login details so you don’t need to put in the same connection details each time.

I am also changing the way it works so instead of looking for a post-deploy script it just finds all the scripts and gets the merge statements from them so it will support all the scenarios you mention :)