If you write code to SQL Server then you might be interested in this: at the end of 2017 I wrote a tSQLt tdd training course which has helped over 300 people learn both tSQLt and how to apply TDD practices to their SQL Server T-SQL development, you can join the course at https://courses.agilesql.club. The course is free if you are happy to wait 10 weeks to complete it, with 1 lesson being made available per week - if you are in more of a hurry or you would like to help support the project you can purchase the course which makes it instantly available to you.


K-SSIS-ed - View any property or script in SSIS with a single click

A cross platform re-imagined IDE and SSIS package viewer with one goal to allow a developer to get to any property, including a c# or vb.net script within a single click and one second.

tSQLt tests are shown in the Visual Studio SSDT project

For support, please raise an issue: https://github.com/GoEddie/K-SSIS-ed-docs

Releases: https://github.com/GoEddie/K-SSIS-ed-docs/releases