Watching for powershell changes and running Invoke-Pester

It seems like more and more recently I have been writing powershell and typescript rather than c# and t-sql and there are quite a few things to like about the tools for both of these (typescript and powershell). One thing I really like with typescript and javascript in general is that it seems everything has a file system watcher so you can have your code ide, a couple of terminals and all your tests run etc in the background.

I missed this from powershell so I wrote a quick module (literally took about 30 mins so is hopefully pretty simple), if you want to run Invoke-Pester in a terminal whenever your code or tests run then you can now do:

Install-Module PestWatch Import-Module PestWatch Invoke-PesterWatcher

Nice and simple hey :) If you have any arguments that you want pester to see just add them to the call to Invoke-PesterWatcher and this silently forwards them on for you.

The source code is available:

The module:

Still not sure? Watch the full glory here: