xSQLServer is dead long live SqlServerDsc

I have had a problem with DSC in Azure Automation for a few months now, there was a change made to the xSqlServer DSC resource which meant that the paths internally were too long to be compiled on Azure Automation, I don’t even really want to think why because the fact that path lengths are an issue in 2017 (almost 2018!) makes me want to cry, so if you want to know more look at:


The fix was to deploy the old version to Azure Automation and use that but yesterday when I tried to use it, it failed as well and I was about to start crying when I found out that a version 10 had been written but not deployed, except it has been deployed so I switched my dsc script form xSqlServer to SqlServerDsc and everything is now cushty.

In the changelog there is a list of breaking changes and I had to change my resources form the old style to the new doing things like changing:

xSqlServerLogin LoginThing{ SQLServer = '' SQLInstanceName = '' }


xSqlServerLogin LoginThing{ ServerName = '' InstanceName = '' }

but once that was done and a typo or two fixed then compiling on azure automation works again and my life is now complete.