tSQLt Course

In the last half of 2017, I decided to run a tSQLt course and went down the route of putting together a free 12-week email course. The intention was that every week students would get a bit of a description about how unit testing T-SQL using tSQLt works and a little bit of homework to ease them into writing tests both in terms of how to technically get tSQLt running but also the art of writing effective unit tests.

I originally thought I would offer the course and if ten people signed up then I would go ahead and run it, I was a bit shocked when I closed the initial list at over 100 people. I wrote and delivered the course, and it actually turned out to be a 10-week course, and I changed from email to using an online course hosting app called teachable to deliver the course.

The course is now live and you can join whenever you like from:


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