Privacy Policy

The Agile SQL CLub Privacy Policy (google Made me do it)

The website uses cookies to track views and where you go, if you block cookies then they will be stopped. The reason for tracking is to see which posts are popular and where a really old post is still popular and is out of date I can put a note on it to say so.

I collect no information about you.

There are comments which are on disqus, if you leave a comment then they have your data and I can access the info you put there.

ADF Tweaks (Chroms extension)

This does not gather any personal information, it has no logging and doesn’t look at the contents of any websites. If you ask it to do something on the ADF ui page it will do that one thing. There is no tracking or anything like App Insights.

To work with the ADF UI, the extension executes a script in the contect of the ADF page but no data is then transfered back to the extension - all of the data about the page stays in the page at all times.